Lot House for Sale in Davao
₱ 2,651,000

Lot for Sale in Davao City

88 sqm Lot Only Investment in Camella Davao

Total Contract Price: ₱ 2,651,000
Down Payment: ₱ 21,675 / month for 36 months
Bank Financing: ₱ 16,105 / month
Cash Purchase (Estimate): ₱ 2,440,830

Reserve this property for just ₱ 15,000! Please refer to the investment schedule found below for details.

The wait is over! Camella Davao is finally offering lot-only purchases in selected blocks. When you own a piece of Camella Davao, you get the following benefits and privileges:

  • Enter the village anytime and enjoy all the wonderful amenities (basketball court, club house, playground, swimming pool if available, etc.)

  • Lock the current price for good and invest with the least monthly payment. Watch the value of your investment grow every quarter of the year!

  • Upgrade to a Camella house and lot package or build your own house with your contractor in the future.

Property value rises as we approach 100% village completion. This is the best time to invest and become a lot owner. We have a very limited inventory of lots. Contact us now while supplies last!

We also have lot-only offerings in many cities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. If you want to check lots in other Camella subdivisions, please visit our Lots for Sale Search Page or contact us for assistance.

88 sqm Lot Only Investment Schedule

Simple as 1-2-3, tax-inclusive with no hidden charges

  1. Pay the reservation fee of ₱ 15,000.

  2. After 30 days, pay the monthly down payment of ₱ 21,675 for 36 months at 0% interest. You can also pay the full amount of the 15% down payment in cash and get up to 8% discount.

  3. After the downpayment period, pay the monthly amortization of ₱ 16,105 under bank financing. Congratulations!


Total Contract Price: ₱ 2,651,000
-Jun 2021₱ 15,000Reservation Fee
1Jul 2021₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
2Aug 2021₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
3Sep 2021₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
4Oct 2021₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
5Nov 2021₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
6Dec 2021₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
7Jan 2022₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
8Feb 2022₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
9Mar 2022₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
10Apr 2022₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
11May 2022₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
12Jun 2022₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
13Jul 2022₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
14Aug 2022₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
15Sep 2022₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
16Oct 2022₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
17Nov 2022₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
18Dec 2022₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
19Jan 2023₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
20Feb 2023₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
21Mar 2023₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
22Apr 2023₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
23May 2023₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
24Jun 2023₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
25Jul 2023₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
26Aug 2023₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
27Sep 2023₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
28Oct 2023₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
29Nov 2023₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
30Dec 2023₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
31Jan 2024₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
32Feb 2024₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
33Mar 2024₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
34Apr 2024₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
35May 2024₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
36Jun 2024₱ 21,675Monthly Down Payment
37Jul 2024₱ 16,105Start of Monthly Amortization under Bank Financing

Updated: 6/25/2021

Let's discuss this investment in detail via Zoom, Viber or WhatsApp! If you are abroad, we can schedule a virtual appointment at your most convenient time. Our contact numbers are +63 977 819-6554 or +63 917 718-6905.

Camella Davao Location Map and Establishments in Pasay City

Upscale community in an ideal location

Camella Davao Location and Amenities

Dubbed by the Country as The City of Royalties, King City of the South, Crown Jewel of Mindanao, Fruit Basket of the Philippines and many more, Davao City certainly earned its rank as one of the Philippines’ most progressive cities. This amazing city exudes safety, discipline by its inhabitants, and growth for everyone in any industry. Many have been in awe of the clean streets and order in Davao City that is why we in Camella sought out an area in this place to build your future home.

Lots in Other Locations

Camella Davao Prime Properties Investment Outlook

Camella Davao is an exlusive community and owning a lot today gives you the opportunity to build a house in the future or to sell your lot at a higher price only after 2 years. The historical prices of our house models in the last few years will give you an idea how much your property will appreciate in the future. Invest now for the best is yet to come!

"The best time to invest was YESTERDAY and the next best time is TODAY."


Lot Model Unit Open House

Davao Property Vicinity Map

Take the first step in buying your own home! Call us now and we'll take you to Camella Davao for free so you or your representative can see how beautiful and affordable our houses are. Best of all, we'll ensure that you avail of our latest promos so you can buy your house in Camella Davao under the best deal!


Our modul units are open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. For inquiries and free site viewing, email us at inquiry@camella-davao.com now!



Camella Davao HOUSES

Properties for Sale in Davao City by Camella Homes



Please contact us for the latest discounts and pricing.
Hotlines:  +63 977 819-6554 / +63 917 718-6905
Viber/WhatsApp/WeChat: +63 977 819-6554
Email: inquiry@camella-davao.com

Village Address: Camella Davao is located in Davao-Agusan Highway, Tagum City, 8100, Davao del Norte, Philippines.

Camella Homes also has projects in the following location(s):
1. Daang-Maharlika Highway, Brgy. Communal, Davao City, 8000, Davao del Sur, Philippines
2. Davao-Bukidnon Road, Mintal Highway, Davao City, 8000,Davao del Sur, Philippines
3. Davao-Cotabato Old Road Barangay Bato, Toril, 8000, Davao City, Pilippines

Main Office Address: Vista Land Head Office, UGF Worldwide Corporate Center, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City, Philippines
For inquiries, e-mail us at inquiry@camella-davao.com.
Camella Davao is a trademark of Vista Land, Inc. Copyright © 2021 Indigold Realty Corporation. The developer shall exert all efforts to conform to the specifications cited herein.
The developer reserves the right to alter plans, as may be deemed necessary, in the best interest of the developer and the client.


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04 August 2021

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